At Roamler, it's our belief that mobile technology and the widespread use of mobile devices worldwide is causing an evolutionary change in the way work is distributed and executed.

Founded in 2011, Roamler was built on the idea of creating mobile workforces of "Roamlers" to perform tasks for clients. These Roamlers would receive and accept tasks through their smartphones; some of the tasks, too, would be performed with the help of the smartphone.

Using this model, Roamler has the potential to revolutionize the market by delivering accurate and actionable data insights gathered by an optimally flexible workforce.

Since its inception, Roamler has learned that mobile crowd teams can perform with greater efficiency than standard teams. What's more, this system dovetails perfectly with the global trend towards greater working flexibility. Recently, Roamler's core competence has shifted from observation to participation, and we partner with our clients to identify and solve difficulties, even as we continue to generate the data that first locates improvement opportunities.

Who's Who
at Roamler.

Jeroen - CEO

Jeroen is passionate about building strong, committed teams willing to go the extra mile in everything they do. He was one of the original investors in Roamler and wasn't intending to work on it, but when he saw how it was exploding he joined the team full-time.

Martijn - Founder and CCO

Martijn sees the bigger picture. He's focused on expanding international accounts, working closely with clients such as P&G, AB InBev, Diageo and Coca Cola Enterprises, to name but a few. He also manages the Sales program in close co-operation with local sales teams.

Wiggert - Founder and CIO

Wiggert has an eye for detail. He is closely involved in new business development, transforming customer demands into new working solutions. He oversees Roamler's Technical Development Department and also manages Roamler's licensed partners.