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The world of work is changing.
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Task-based working:
getting it done!

In today's modern society, it's about efficiency rather than size. Companies need instant access to qualified workers that can do what they need, when they need it done.

This is work today
- redefined.

We want workers, do you want work?

We started by taking a fresh look at the whole process - how people learn, how they're certified or approved, how they're hired and how they're paid. We found six important ways to optimise the work experience for employers and workers alike.

RECRUITMENT Empower people to choose their own career path and development goals so they know why they're working and what they need to achieve.

TRAINING Show people what they need to do in the same environment where they'll be finding the work, without any distractions or superfluous information.

CERTIFICATION Let people demonstrate the skill levels they have, expanding their work possibilities and giving employers a better sense of what they're getting.

WORK Put people in control of their tasks so they can decide what they'd like to do, when they do it and how much they're going to get paid.

AUDIT Make sure all work is logged and itemised in the system, ensuring accountability, so customers see the results, keeping quality standards and client trust high.

PAYMENT Pay people immediately for the work they've done, so they are more engaged and more motivated

Looking for a flexible skilled workforce? You just found it!

How much workforce capacity do you need right now? How much will you need next week? Choose your own company-scale based on your real-time requirements, so you're not paying someone today when you only need them today.

CORE Stay focused on your core business while our qualified workforce helps you with special projects.

FLEXIBILITY Peak season? Low season? When you're busy, go big, and when you're not, go lean.

QUALITY Roamlers are qualified and committed. And you can read customer reviews of every task they've ever completed.

The opportunities
are endless.

The Roamler concept is neither a B2B or a B2C model; instead, Roamler is the bridge between businesses and their flexible workforces. And because we know the jobs that businesses need doing and what those jobs require, we can accurately predict variables such as workforce volume, timing and scheduling, and costs.


We redefine field services and change the retail landscape.

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Not just new systems, but a new approach to installing them.

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We can get deliveries handled whenever they're needed by a local on-demand network of Roamlers.

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Have you spotted an opportunity to disrupt a market? Let us help you shake things up.

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Have you spotted an opportunity to disrupt a market? Let us help you shake things up.

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Meet our Roamler

Roamlers are people who are looking for new ways of working. They want more freedom in what they do, more chances to learn and the convenience of getting paid straight away. Read why three of them decided to join up, and if you're interested in becoming a Roamler yourself, click here to find out more.

Become a Roamler


Stefan is 29 years old and works as a technical designer, but in his spare time he's a Roamler, doing things like installing thermostats in homes near where he lives. He gets to choose when he works and for how long, and he earns extra money while meeting new people. His advice? "Just go ahead and do it. You can pick your hours and plan your own schedule, and when you do a good job, you get more work."

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Katinka is 25 years old and she became a Roamler three years ago, when she was studying to be a nurse. She wanted extra money, but she wanted to choose her own hours, too. So she took an assignment where she photographed retail executions for a Roamler client. Her advice? "Don't get tied down; do what you want, when you want to. That's freedom!"

Become a Roamler


Melvin is 19 years old and he's an enthusiastic Roamler. He's the early bird who's always checking to see what's available so he can snap up the tasks he's qualified to do. He loves the fact that he can help all sorts of companies and earn money at the same time. His advice? "Be professional in your approach. set your alarm clock, plan ahead, and be the first one in line."

Become a Roamler


Roamler slashed installation times down from 6 weeks to just a few days for a new smart thermostat from Eneco, the Dutch utility company. Rather than using a traditional installation company to tour the country, certified local independent technicians registered through Roamler. They were empowered to work when and where they want.

A perfect example of re-inventing the way we work. Eneco's customers were delighted with faster service under more convenient circumstances. While Eneco reduced costs and all associated logistical and operational overhead.

In the growing online retail market, speed is paramount, and customer share can be increased by accelerating service time. Online customers expect quick deliveries. However, with a high volume of orders and a quick delivery system, it isn't always possible for distribution centres to handle customer demand.

For the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn, the solution was easy: Roamler stepped in to fill capacity and make sure that all the deliveries were made on time and in full.

Diageo is a global leader in alcoholbeverages. They are committed to increasing their visibility and availability for both off-trade (grocery stores, other retailers) and on-trade (restaurants, bars) in Europe. Roamler supports them by monitoring the progress of their efforts.

Every quarter, Roamler provides Diageo with a market analysis based on thousands of audits across Europe, giving the company insights into distribution and POS marketing. This information is very valuable input for Diageo's forward-thinking decision-making.

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