The cream of point-of-sale promotions

A large dairy factory was seeking support for a special promotion at a large supermarket retail chain. Point of Sale material needed to be placed in front of the refrigerators that held their products. The large number of retail outlets meant that the dairy's field force was overwhelmed.

Roamler took over responsibility for a number of the stores and, using Roamlers to place the POS material, was able to help the dairy make sure that its campaign was a chain-wide success.

Some sweet distribution research

A candy manufacturer was seeking to improve distribution at convenience stores but knew that approaching this particular distribution channel was more expensive and time-consuming than others.

It asked Roamler for help, and Roamlers were sent to the stores to check on the availability of a number of SKUs from the company. When no availability was found for a particular SKU, the Roamlers asked the shop owners whether they would be interested in placing orders. Positive responses were then flagged up to the manufacturers for field visits. In this way, their field sales team was able to target only those locations where there was real interest in greater distribution.

Making TVs more visible

A leading electronics brand wanted to boost its brand visibility to support a campaign introducing a new flatscreen TV during the hectic Christmas period. Because of the large number of store locations involved in this campaign, the manufacturer asked Roamler for help.

As soon as Roamler became involved, Roamlers picked up POS material to take to those locations that the manufacturer's own field force had decided were either too remote or of lesser strategic importance. There, they set up the materials according to the instructions they had been give. In this way, the campaign was fully launched and visibility for the new product was significantly increased.