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About tasks.

  • I’ve completed the Welcome task, and now?

    • You start in level 1 and have different tasks available to complete. After completing a task, the Roamler Team will review it and accept it if it is correct. By successfully completing tasks, you can unlock new ones. This way, you can get to level 2, where more paid tasks are available. So after completing the Welcome task, wait for approval of the Roamler Team. We will notify you with a message.

  • When can I start earning money?

    • You begin in level 1 and start with the Welcome task. After this task you will learn more about performing Roamler tasks in the Roamler Academy tasks. Starting from level 2 (from 500 XP) you will be able to perform more paid tasks and start earning money.

  • Why was my task rejected?

    • When your task isn’t accepted you’ll receive a message with an explanation. Your task may not have been accepted because the photo was blurry, the photo didn’t correspond with the task description, your answers don’t match the photo’s and/or because the location wasn’t correct. When you have questions about your rejected task you can contact us through the app Message menu.

  • Why can’t I accept multiple tasks at a time?

    • The amount of tasks that you can reserve simultaneously is dependent on your level within Roamler. In level 1 you can reserve 1 task at a time, in level 2 you can reserve 2 tasks simultaneously, while in level 3 you can reserve 3 tasks at a time. In level 4 you can reserve 4 tasks simultaneously, and so forth.

  • Some of the tasks have suddenly disappeared, how can that be?

    • It often occurs that for some jobs we only need a specific amount of locations visited. When there are enough locations reserved, the other locations disappear from the list in the Task menu. If a location is cancelled by a Roamler or the task is rejected then the locations will be visible again in the task list.

  • Upon sending a task I received an error. What does this mean?

    • Due to network problems (this often happens inside a store) it is possible that you can’t submit the task immediately. Try sending the task again (outside for example). Make sure that your task is sent because (depending on your level) you might not be able to accept a new task.

      It may also be the case that you want to perform a task that someone else has completed in the meantime. When you open the Task menu it isn’t automatically up-to-date. You should therefore first refresh your task list by pulling down the screen. This way, you won’t perform any tasks that have already been completed by someone else. If you are still having problems you can contact us via the app or email at

  • I live in a city and tasks are often gone quickly, why is that?

    • In cities there are generally a lot of active Roamlers. It is possible once a job starts, the locations in the city are gone quickly because there are many Roamlers ready to perform the tasks. Most paid tasks are visible in the task list the night before. This way you will know if paid tasks are going to be available for you the next day.

  • I don’t see any tasks, what should I do?

    • There are several reasons why you can’t see tasks in the task list. It could be that there are no more tasks available in your area or it might be related to the phone you are using for Roamler. Check the following things: do you have the newest version of the app? Is the software on your mobile up-to-date? Is the GPS service on and do you have an internet connection? If this is all in order and the app doesn’t show any tasks, send us a message via the app’s Message menu or an email so that we can help you.

  • What do I do if the location of a task isn’t correct?

    • If you notice that an address isn’t correct and/or a pin that isn’t plotted at the correct location for the task you can notify Roamler Support through the app Message menu. We try, when applicable, to make the adjustment to the location as soon as possible.

      An address that is specified in the task, unless otherwise stated, is leading. If the pin in the task is not in exactly the right position, perform the job according to the address given in the task. Report the discrepancy between the address and the location pin in the notes section of the task and explain what you have taken a photo of and why you were unable to take a photo at the location where the pin is. We will take this information into consideration when reviewing the task. If there is another store at the address listed in the task, or if the given store is under renovations, take a photo of the front of the building in which this is clearly visible. Photos of the ground, for example, will not suffice.

  • How can I prevent my tasks from being rejected?

    • Together with Roamlers we want to collect valuable data for our clients. Tasks won’t be accepted when:
      - Your task is not completed at the correct location
      - Photos are not clear (taken from too far away, blurry, too dark/too light)
      - Photos don’t fit the requirements of the task description
      - Photos are taken from computer screens, other photos or from photos that you previously took (unless explicitly stated that it is acceptable)
      - Inappropriate or explicit photos
      - You didn’t give enough motivation in a answer (please check the minimum number of words requested)
      - Your answers do not match your photo’s
      - Photo taken from inside a car

      We accept tasks that:
      - Contain clear and bright photos
      - Comply with the instructions in the task description
      - Have motivated answers to the questions
      - Show creativity and originality (if requested to do so)

      Other tips:
      - Don’t include people in the photos without their permission
      - Read the task description well

  • How quickly do I have to complete a task after I have accepted it?

    • When you accept a task you usually have two hours to perform it. After two hours the task will expire and become available to other Roamlers. When a task is expired it will disappear from your task list. If it is not possible to complete the task within the given time frame you can cancel the task and perform the task at a later time (provided that in the meantime the task has not been performed by another Roamler).

      If you accidently allowed the task to expire you can send us a message via the Message menu in the app. We can reset the task for you so that you can complete the task.

  • How do I know new tasks are available?

    • We keep you up to date about new tasks and tasks in your area through push messages. For this reason your locations based services needs to be on. You can also check the task list for new tasks, tasks that will be live the next day are sometimes also shown in the task list.

  • Can I use my camera roll for a task?

    • For most paid tasks we need the location information of the photo and you have to take a photo at the correct location. Only certain tasks allow you to choose a photo from your camera roll. For some creative tasks we like to challenge Roamlers to look at their surroundings in a new way. If you are allowed to upload a photo from your camera roll, this is explicitly stated in the task description.

  • Are you allowed to take photos for Roamler?

    • Being part of a mobile workforce becomes more established. In most instances you are allowed to take photos as long as you don’t bother the employees or shoppers. In the end, the shop owner determines whether or not photos can be taken inside. If a store employee indicates that photos cannot be taken in the store, respect that and let us know.

      Always remember to take the unwritten rules into account while taking photos; ask before you take a photo of people and don’t bother anyone while performing Roamler tasks.

  • Where can I give feedback?

    • You can give us feedback via the app or via email ( You will receive an answer quickest when sending your question or giving feedback via the app.

About the app.

  • Who can use Roamler?

    • Currently Roamler is available for iOS 7.0 or higher and Android telephones with Android 4.0 or higher. In the future we would like to make it possible for Roamler to be on other smartphone devices.

  • How can I become a Roamler?

    • Roamler is invite-only. That means that you need an invite to become a Roamler. We believe that this helps maintain a high service for the mobile workforce. In level 3 Roamlers automatically receive an invite that they can give away. Look on Twitter or our Facebook page to get in contact with these Roamlers.

      In some regions there are not a lot of Roamlers active. In those regions you can register without a code. Based on your location, you will be directed to enter your personal details without using an invite code in the registration form.

  • Where can I use Roamler?

    • The tasks are spread across the United Kingdom. You can come across tasks in your local supermarket, on the way to work or in the comfort of your own home. Currently Roamler is also available in the Netherlands, Sweden, Chile, Poland, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, France, Belgium and Turkey. If you are visiting one of these countries and have the local languages added to your settings, you can also perform the available paid tasks in these countries.

  • Something went wrong with registering

    • If something went wrong with the registration process, please contact the Roamler team at If you couldn’t register because you need an invite code, check our Facebook page to see if there are Roamlers who have an invite code available for you.

  • Something went wrong with my login

    • After registration you may not be able to log on because you have forgotten your password. If so, you can request a new password through the app or on When you accidentally specified a wrong email address, you can contact the Roamler team at

      If you don’t submit any tasks in at least 4 months, your account will be deactivated and you cannot login. If this happens and you’d like to have your account activated again, please send an e-mail to

  • How can I cash-out my balance?

    • You can cash-out via your personal page on by clicking ‘cash-out’. Roamler works with PayPal, so you need a PayPal account. You can cash-out anytime you want. When you cash-out with more than 20 pounds in your account, Roamler will pay the transaction fee. For a cash-out of 20 pounds or less, you will be charged for the transaction fee (2%). A cash-out of 50 pounds or less is in your PayPal account almost instantly. Amounts higher than 50 pounds are checked by the Roamler team first. Within a day the payment arrives on your PayPal account.

  • Why am I not being paid on my bank account?

    • We choose to pay you through PayPal because it is safer and cheaper. By working with PayPal, Roamler doesn’t need access to the bank account details of its users. Additionally, payments through PayPal will be processed more quickly. PayPal is a reliable company that allows us the guarantee that your information is going to be kept safe and secure. You can use PayPal to make purchases online or transfer the money to your bank account.

  • When do I receive my money and XP’s on my account after I have submitted a task?

    • As soon as your task is approved by the Roamler team, you will be rewarded the money and XP for completing the task. Your task will be approved if it meets all of the requirements. Between 9 AM and 8 PM you will usually receive a response to your message or task within four hours. After 8 PM you will receive a response the next day.

  • Who looks at my submissions?

    • Roamler has a team of employees for reviewing tasks. Between 9 AM and 8 PM they will check your task to see if your photo(s) and answers meet the requirements of the task. We will often comment on your submission or ask you a question about it. We think it is great if you respond to our feedback and/or questions!

  • What do the levels mean?

    • At Roamler you can earn Experience Points (XP) and money. The more XP you collect, the higher your level will be. At higher levels you can complete more challenging tasks (for more money and more points) and you have more privileges. You start as a level 1 Roamler. In the first level you perform the training tasks in which you learn about the different facets of Roamler. You have to perform every task in level 1 to advance further.

      From level 2 you receive paid tasks and none of the tasks that you receive are mandatory for you to complete. This means that you can choose which tasks you would like to complete.
      - Level 1 Up to 500 points
      - Level 2 Starting at 500 points. You can accept up to 2 tasks at the same time
      - Level 3 Starting from 1.750 points. You can accept up to 3 task and get a Roamler invite to send to a new Roamler.
      - Level 4 Starting from 4.250 points. You can accept up to 4 tasks and get 2 new invites to send out.
      - Level 5 Starting from 8.250 points. You can accept up to 5 tasks and get 3 new invites to send out.
      - Level 6 Starting from 14.250 points. You can accept up to 6 tasks and get 4 new invites to send out.
      - Level 7 Starting from 23.250 points. You can accept up to 7 tasks and get 5 new invites to send out.
      - Level 8 Starting from 35.250 points. You can accept up to 8 tasks and get 6 new invites to send out.
      - Level 9 Starting from 53.250 points. You can accept up to 9 tasks and get 7 new invites to send out.
      - Level 10 Starting from 80.250 points. You can accept up to 10 tasks and get 8 new invites to send out.
      - Level 11 Starting from 140.000 points. You can accept up to 11 tasks and get 9 new invites to send out.
      - Level 12 Starting from 220.000 points. You can accept up to 12 tasks and get 10 new invites to send out.

  • Why is the amount of XP in my ranking lower than in my account?

    • The ranking is based on your activity from the past 7 days. The amount of points in your ranking is therefore lower than the total points in your account. Your total amount of XP can be found in the app under account, or in your dashboard on

  • Why is Roamler using information about my location (even when I’m not using the application)?

    • Based on your location, the app shows you the nearest available tasks. For that GPS is required. Having location services on in the background (using cell tower triangulation) we will be able to send you push messages about tasks nearby. Using an iPhone you can choose to have location services on in the background, only when using the app or no location services at all (in which case you won’t be able to see any tasks in the list). Using the location services in the background can cause the battery to get low a bit faster than usual.

  • How about my privacy?

    • Roamler offers location based tasks. Therefore we want to know where you are; so that you can receive automatic push messages when you are close to a task. For tasks you submit, we need to know whether you were at the correct location. These details and personal information will never be shared with a third party. Your name and details are not visible for the client.

  • How can I send Roamler a message via the app?

    • You can send the Roamler team a message via the app by going to the Message menu. If you want to respond directly to the comments the Roamler team made about one of your tasks, or if you have questions or problems with a task, the best way to contact Roamler is via the app. Your message will be received by the Roamler team member who is currently reviewing tasks.

      You can comment on the tasks of your Roamler friends via the Activity menu in the app.

  • What does the Activity menu show?

    • In the Activity menu of the app you find the tasks you have send in (History) and the tasks you and your friends shared (Stream). In the Stream you can comment on your friends tasks and ‘love’ them. Click on the photo to see the whole task (including questions and answers) from your friends and tell them what you think of their submission.

  • What does friends mean?

    • You can send other Roamlers friend requests. When the friend request is accepted you can see and react on each others tasks via the Activity menu in the app. Would you like to add new friends or maybe end a friendship? Check My Friends in the Profile menu.

  • How can I share a task with others?

    • You can share some tasks with Roamler friends in the app and/or on Twitter and Facebook. After submitting a creative task, you will get a share page and you can choose whether or not you would like to share the task. If you set the ‘share photo’ option on, you will share you submission (photos and answers) and you have the option to share the submission on Facebook or Twitter. A link to the task will appear of the social media site.

      If you don’t want to share the content of your task you can still share that you have completed the task via Facebook or Twitter without sharing the photo(s) and answers. Turn turn ‘share photo’ off to do so and no link will appear in the message. Know what you share! Make sure you have consent when sharing other people on the photo and don’t share personal details.

  • How can I stop sharing a task or photo?

    • When you want to stop sharing a task, go to and click on ‘Shared tasks’. You will see all the tasks you have shared. When you click on ‘stop sharing’ your task will no longer be shared on If you shared that task via Facebook or Twitter, the link won’t work anymore.

  • I want to stop using Roamler, what should I do?

    • After four months without submitting any tasks, your account will be automatically deactivated. You will receive 3 emails before your account is deactivated to remind you of Roamler and to payout any earned rewards. After four months, your account is deactivated and you cannot login anymore. If you want to have your account deactived right away you can send an e-mail to

      You might still continue to receive the monthly newsletter for which you can unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the email. You might still receive these emails, because some Roamlers prefer to get updates, even when they are not active anymore, while other prefer to be a Roamler, but don’t want to receive the monthly updates.